the powerhouse of tea

Today’s evolving society is working harder, smarter and more efficiently, demanding zero carbon and ethically sourced products. Tea is an elixir that’s been consumed for almost 5,000 years but with very little innovation. Infinite Tea is a combination of an ancient beverage and today’s science that lives up to modern standards.

This performance tea has been handcrafted with the perfect balance of science and nature. Our tea blend provides an infinite amount of energy and sharp focus for hard working individuals. Whether it's a long day in the office or before an intense work out, we will push you through it.

150 mg of caffeine

Our tea has been supercharged with 3x more caffeine than regular tea and a third more than a cup of coffee. We don't take shortcuts and never compromise on ingredients, which is why we only source naturally derived caffeine from green tea.

We strive to maximize everything we want out of our lifestyle and we need energy on demand for it. Never sacrifice for unhealthy alternatives, engage in clean energy - for when you need it.

100 mg of l-theanine

We also needed energy without any of the negative side effects. Our solution, L-Theanine, an amino acid derived naturally that helps eliminates any of the possibilities of crashes and jitters while giving you sharp and clear focus.

With clean all day energy and sharp focused drive, pursue and achieve your goals at the highest caliber.

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